Car Removal Sydney

If you are looking to get rid of your unwanted car, then our car removal service in Sydney can be a feasible option. With this, you will only get a decent money for remove your car, but you will also get many other free services from towing and pick up to collection and paperwork.

With car removal Sydney service, we make it easy for Sydney locals to cash-in their cars without any problem or headache.

Benefits of Car Removal Sydney Service

When you contact us to get rid of your car, we give you a free quote. Upon agreeing to car evaluation, we book it and you get eligible for a number of benefits.

  • Free car pick up and towing service
  • Zero towing fee and charges
  • Same day payment on the spot
  • There will be no admin fee
  • We can come to any location

Types of Car Removal in Sydney

Car Removal Sydney service is more helpful when someone having issues in selling an old car that is fully dead and non-running. In these cases, people can choose any of our service.

Old Car Removal

If you happen to have any car that is twenty or thirty years old, obviously you will be struggling to get a roadworthy for it. As a result, you will not be able to sell this car privately. In this situation, you can apply for our old car removal service.

With this service, we will pay cash for old car on the spot along with giving you a heaps of benefits that have mentioned before.

Scrap Car Removal

If your car is rusted, worn and not-running then you have the chance to remove your car scrap car with our company. Thanks to our scrap car removal service, we will give a decent price for it after coming to your place.

There is no need to hire a trailer or arrange a towing service as our experts do everything for you.

Accident Cars Removal

Apart from buying old and scrap car, we also come and remove vehicles that are fully or partially damaged or accident. We can come to mechanic place, towing yard or your house. Meanwhile, you can communicate with us about a free quote over the phone or email.

How to Remove a Car with Us

With Car Removal Sydney service, the process of removing a car is not lengthy or complex. Even you don’t have to fill any kind of forms or paperwork. All you need is to contact us. Our car removal process consists of three steps.

  1. Get free quotation for removing your car over the email or phone
  2. Book your car for collection and we will send our own tow truck
  3. Get payment for your unwanted car and we will collect it straightaway

Whenever you book your car for removal, please don’t forget to take your personal items from the car.

Please inform NSW car registration authority about the disposal of your car by visiting their website.

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